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We currently offer the Two different packages as above, Select your package, enter your Page URL and click on the "Buy Now" button, and we'll take care of the rest! For circle followers, after order don’t forget to provide us the Link/URL of your Google plus page. In case of Google plus shares please provide us the link/URL that you want to be shared. Please note this will take 4 to 15 days to complete an order depending on the order amount.

Why Google Plus Circle Followers?

Google plus is a social project by Google. Almost all brands, Musicians and other popular public figures now have a Google plus page. So having a good number of followers is a veritable "must" to show your popularity to the people looking for your business or music or art or.... More circle followers means more shares of your message and help your message to go viral.

Why Google Plus Shares?

Google plus by default uses a tag that gives importance to the websites shared here. So anything shared here can help you to get some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, i.e. ranking higher in on Google. After different major algorithm updates this is of vital importance to the way Google measures importance of your site. More Google plus shares means more “votes” for your link and hence a higher position in the search engines!

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