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Got questions? We've got answers!. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive on a daily basis.
If your question isn't answered below, feel free to contact us and we'll try to get an answer to you quick!

Why would I want to buy Facebook Fans to Twitter Followers?
Increasing your potential customer base makes promoting your product or service easy! The larger the target audience the more chance you will have to get people to buy your product. You will have your brand in front of a potential customer each time they login to their facebook or twitter account, that is a great opportunity for sales!

What are Fast followers?
TwitCentre is one of the providers who can effectively provide fast (also called one-way, or no-password) twitter followers, without the need of a password. This service increases the amount of people following you and your business without the need for you to follow other people. By increasing your twitter following and getting more twitter followers it will enable you to enhance your businesses online presence and allow you to promote your products and services to thousands of potential clients all with a simple tweet!

What are Real followers?
These are targeted Twitter followers acquired by first following people in order to get them to follow you back. This requires us to use your userID and password and takes a while to complete, BUT these are real humans personally choosing to follow you. Buying targeted twitter followers is the easiest and simplest way of building an instant following. You are getting the highest quality followers available. Our Real Twitter Follower packages will get you new twitter followers within 24-48 hours with around 200+ new followers acquired for you daily.

What other services do you offer?
We can not only expand your social footprint on twitter, but also increase the number of likes on your Facebook fan page, and increase the number of Youtube views. Also please contact us for an increase in Google+1's, LinkedIn connects and bundle deals or numbers of followers that are not on our purchase page. We'll be glad to help!

I have ordered from you but didn't get a confirmation, now what?
Usually you will receive a confirmation email from us automatically with the start count of your followers and an estimate of the time it takes us to fulfill your order. If not you can leave us your Facebook page, TwitterID or YouTube URL in the contact form.

How long do I have to wait before I see any result?
Once we receive your order we will take up to 24 hours on weekdays and sometimes a bit longer on holidays and weekends to start your order. After that you will see the results of our effort appearing.

How long will it take to complete my order?
For the real twitter followers package that is usually up to 200 followers per day. For the fast twitter follower package the order is usually fulfilled in less than 24 hours. For facebook fans and youtube views we need a minimum of 5 and 3 days respectively, all depending on order size
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