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We currently offer a couple different packages as above, Select your package, enter your Fanpage and click on the "Buy Now" button, and we'll take care of the rest! When you order, don’t forget to give us your link/URL that you want to be shared. In case of comments, give us specific photo/video/post/status where you want those comments. It can take 2 to 12 days to complete an order depending on the order volume.

Worldwide and US facebook fans

We offer these 2 different kinds of packages. The worldwide package is more targeted toward those individuals or businesses that wish to expand their social footprint and social credibility. Would you believe or buy from a company with no fans or followers? The US package is more targeted and these fans may engage you and/or your brand. We do not need admin access and delivery times are from 2-5 deys depending on package size.

Why Buy Facebook Fans?

When you buy facebook fans from a reputable service, the Facebook fans you receive are real and targeted. They are located through relevant keyword phrase searches, and requests are sent to their profiles, and to Facebook Fan Pages and groups. Once you have guaranteed Facebook fans, they are yours, and can be used to market your product, or business services.

When you have created a considerable following, it's like having your own private mailing list. Also buying fans saves you months, possibly years of building a targeted following yourself.

Why Facebook Shares?

Simple... It will give your link more positive votes and social signals that can help you to get Search Engine benefits. More shares in a place like Facebook increases your link popularity. We are offering Facebook shares at an industry best rate. We use genuine means to promote your page which will result in more search engine exposure!

Why Facebook Comments and photo/video/post/status Likes?

When you have comments along with likes to a particular photo/video/post/status it means more popularity and engagement in your page which certainly helps your post/photo/video and status to receive more EdgeRank score (a specialized Facebook algorithm to measure importance) and thus it helps to be shown as "Top Stories" on your friends news feed which means more exposure to your posted and shared photo/video/post/status.

Still not convinced?

Facebook currently has over 600 million registered users. In October 2010, Quantcast estimated that there are over 135 million unique visitors each month from the U.S. alone. Over 40% of the population in the U.S is connected to Facebook. It should start being clear how you can benefit from guaranteed Facebook fans.In conlusion,obtaining guarantee Facebook fans can help skyrocket your business in a very short time. Just make sure you buy Facebook fans from a reliable source.

We reserve the right to reject any account we feel violates ethical standards, All purchases rejected will be refunded.

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